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5 Feng Shui Birthday Gifts to Bring Good Luck & Prosperity in Life!!

If you wish to make someone feel special on their birthday, there could be no better option other than sending them the best birthday gifts. A thoughtful and special gift is one of the best and most perfect ways to convey heartfelt feelings of love and affection. But, have you ever thought that you can gift someone something that special as a birthday gift that can bring good luck, fortune, wealth, and happiness in their life? Yes, you heard it right. Gifts can be lucky too if selected properly. We are here talking about Feng Shui gifts as these gifts are apt ones to enthrall the dear ones in your life. Just choose a special Feng Shui gift item and say “You are important” with all the feelings of your heart.



The specialty of giving the birthday boy or girl a Feng Shui item is that these gifts are associated with a lucky charm that makes these gifts special and a bit unique of their kind. As per the Chinese tradition, people prefer to keep Feng Shui items at their places to bring peace, prosperity, and good luck to their homes and offices. You can buy cakes online and pair the Feng Shui items with cakes, chocolates, and flower bouquets to make your chosen birthday gift more special and thoughtful.

If you are not sure which Feng Shui item to choose to wish your dear ones a very happy birthday, the following list will be very useful:


(1.) Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plants are the widely considered and popular Feng Shui gift item that people pick for both as anniversary gifts and birthday gifts. This lucky plant is one of the best natural and lively gifting items having its good luck factor associated with it. As per Chinese traditions, this plant is versatile. It can be kept indoors in both home and office without any special plant growing conditions. Consider buying a particular number of stalks to make your Bamboo plant more special and fortunate.  


(2.) Abacus

Abacus is a known ancient calculator that is considered one of the most difficult subjects to study. But, do you have any idea that this ancient calculator also makes one of the greatest birthday gift items? Yes, you heard it right. You can gift an abacus to your friend or acquaintance on their birthday to wish them good luck, fortune, and prosperity in career, education, and business.


(3.) Crystal tortoise

Crystal tortoise symbolizes good health and long life, just like other Feng Shui gift items when placed at the right corner of home and office as per the Chinese tradition. Apart from the crystal tortoises, you can also pick tortoises made-up of wood or mud to bring good luck in life. Besides being one of the best and most considerable Feng Shui items, tortoise makes a good home décor piece or tabletop.


(4.) Mountain paintings

Talking about home décor, what else could make a better birthday gift option other than a painting? A beautiful and eye-catching painting will surely turn out to be an effective birthday gift for friends, relatives, and colleagues. Do you have an idea that a mountain painting can be your lucky charm? Yes, as per the Feng Shui tradition, gifting your dear ones a mountain painting will help strengthen relationships, business growth, and enhanced career as well.


(5.) Chrysanthemums flowers

Talking about gifts, one cannot forget about flowers at all. Chrysanthemums flowers are among the best and most considerable Feng Shui gift items for flower and plant lovers. Giving these flowers in your home or office will attract good luck and positive energy and make your place worth living.


All the gifts mentioned above will surely level up your gift skills as these gift items will work as fantastic décor pieces and bring happiness, prosperity, success, and subtleness in the hassle and stressful life. So, if you choose any of these gift items, you can send your warm regards and blessing to your dear ones on their birthday. Several ways are in which these items can be used to attract wealth, prosperity, and luck. One easiest and the most preferred way is to decorate your home and office with these Feng Shui items. But, for this, you should know well your Feng Shui money area. When you keep these items in that particular area, they will take care of the positive energies in your space and makes it more fresh and vibrant.


So, before placing any of these items in your home or office, it is very much needed to contact any Feng Shui masters who can help you locate money areas and other effective areas in your place where you should keep these items.


Final Words:

You must be very excited to send a Feng Shui gift to your dear ones on your birthday. These items will create a social bond between you and your special person and strengthen the feeling of love, care, and support. So, without any further ado, chose the best one from the list and made your gift more valuable, special, and thoughtful. If you are confused about where you can buy all these gift items, then there is no need to take tension as GiftaLove.com is here offering its customers a wide range of birthday gifts and hampers. From here, you can effortlessly find gorgeous flowers, delicious cakes, assorted chocolates, lovable greeting cards, and heartwarming personalized gifts as well. The gift delivery services offered by the website are hassle-free and timely so that everyone can send birthday gifts online in India very easily. Explore the website and order birthday gifts online from here for everyone on the list.


7 Topmost Impressive Diwali Items for Home

Diwali, the festival of light, is much revered and loved festival which is celebrated not only by Hindus but also by Sikhs and Jains. The festival gives chance to revel in the company of near and dear ones. During this occasion, people are dressed up in ethnic attire and gorge on delicious sweets. They also love to lighten up their homes with row of earthen diyas for Diwali.

Other than this, the festival is also popular for sharing and sending gifts to near and dear ones. So this coming Diwali, do make some special arrangements to celebrate this pious occasion with new preparations and decorations. If the person seems bemused with selection of items, then he/she can very well prefer to some below list of ideas, which will help in choosing items for Diwali.

Dry fruits: Dry fruits are very preferred items during Diwali festival. It contains healthy rich nuts like pistachios, raisins, cashews, apricots, walnuts, almonds, dry dates and peanuts which are essential for keeping good health. So if the person seems worried about his loved one's health, then he/she must send these healthy treats as token of love for them on this coming Diwali festival.


Designer diyas: Moving from common earthen diyas, one can make some exceptional choice with designer diyas for Diwali this time. It comes with beautiful designs and artistic work which are enough to grab anyone’s attention with attractive looks. So this Diwali, one must make a special choice for these diyas to beautify his/her home, office or any respective place.

Diwali decoration items: This coming Diwali, one must decorate his house with new beautiful and captivating decorative items like Diwali festive stickers, colorful rangoli design stickers, antique divine idols, lightening lamps etc.


Gold or silver pooja thali: Every pious festival starts with a holy pooja which is conducted by family member of the house by carrying a pooja thali. This Diwali one can opt to bring a fresh new golden or silver pooja thali studded with two bowls for putting tikka and loose rice with additional container for putting holy water and sacred thread called roli which is tied during pooja ceremony.


Diwali wall hangings: Like decorative items, the person can also buy attractive Diwali Wall hangings that can be placed on doors or on walls to give a celebration feeling. One can opt for some divine items like Durga wall hanging face that will certainly keep the evil eye at bay, or beautifully crafted hanging birds or animals, holy symbols like swastika, Om, Shubh Labh and one of the needful Hanging Happy Diwali wishing greet that can be placed above on entry gate.


Diwali candles: Like designer diyas, there is also much demand for candles that come in stunning designs, which will add one more attraction to one’s house by putting it on right places. Other than this there are floating candles too, which too seems very eye catching. These candles are put on water container and are made to float with flower petals around it.

Laxmi Ganesh pair idol: Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh are one of the revered Hindu gods which are highly worshipped during festival of Diwali. So get their blessings by bringing a pair of Laxmi Ganesh and get it placed into one’s home temple.

These are some of those impressive gift items for Diwali which are perfect to beautify one’s home. May this Diwali bring lots of prosperity into everyone’s life.

Gift These Beautiful Bhai Dooj Gifts to Dear Brothers This Year

Like Rakhi, Bhai Dooj festival too signifies a special bond between a sister and her brother. She never misses a chance to surprise him with a lovely Bhai Dooj gift. Even if he is living far away from you, but the strings of emotional sibling love always makes them connected to each other.


Or, if one is settled abroad for some reason and is willing to send a perfect Bhai Dooj gift to brother, then it is possible with online shopping which provides options to send gifts to any part of the world. And if the person’s brother is settled in India, then by availing online benefits, it is easy to Send Bhai Dooj Gifts to India or any other country.


Now, one must be wondering about what kind of gifts to be chosen to make one’s brother filled with joy. If such is the situation, then do refer the options given below, which may help the person to find a Lovely Bhai Dooj Gifts for Brother.




Chocolates are the most relishing gift items which is best to choose as a Bhai Dooj gift. Go for chocolate packs with multiple chocolates including Milky Bar, Kit Kat, Perk, Bar One, and Toblerone, Coconut chocolates, Snickers, Dark chocolates or a Ferrero Rocher chocolate box pack.


Dry fruits

To ensure about dear brother’s health, send a healthy potli pack of dry fruits comprising all rich nuts like almonds, cashews, raisins and walnuts.



Although flowers have short shelf life, but still they make a decent and best gift options especially for brother on Bhai Dooj. It is better to opt for multiple varieties of flowers including gerberas, roses, lilies, carnations, glads and orchids.


Personalized gifts

This can be among the best Bhai Dooj gifts for brothers. One can gift a personalised mug, cushions, 3d gifts, caricature, photo collage frame and many other personalized gifts.



Sweets are the most delectable options for any festive celebration like Bhaubeej. Let one’s brother remind of sweet memories with sister by gifting a box of mouth-watering sweets like gulab Jamun, rasgullas, laddoos, mawai pedhas, gujiyas, kaju Katli barfis, soan cakes, jalebis, etc.


Antique idol

One can choose antique idols like paintings, idols, statues of Lord Buddha and Ganesha in unique styles which depict the message of sibling love.


Styling Combos

If one has a stylish brother who loves to don different styles, then gifting a combo gift items with beard trimmer and hair gels or even lenses. Apparels can also be included as a combo gift items with a stylish shirt with a matching trouser and shoes (sports or formal). If he is settled in India, then one can send this as Bhai dooj gifts to india with online delivery services.



A diary is a most personal item to pen one’s thoughts about life experiences and important reminders. So if one’s brother loves to spend his time writing down his personal thoughts or anything which reminds him, then send him a personal diary adorned with clock and calendar.


Travel bag

If he loves to travel a lot, then gift a multiple zipped travel bag in which he can carry his essentials and can enjoy his travel journey.


Photo frame

Gift a nice photo frame with a picture of the brother on it after recollecting it from all the childhood memories with family.


Soft toy

If one has a cute little brother in India, then send him a cute soft teddy and make him cheer up with joy.


Ending note

Hope the write up is of much helpful in searching perfect gift options for brother on occasion of Bhai Dooj festival.

Which flowers should be chosen online for expressing emotions!

Flowers are the epitome of love, care, admiration, affection, respect, grace, gratitude and dignity. Flowers are cherished among people for their ability to convey their feelings with ease towards the recipient. Also, flowers make the perfect gift to be given on any special occasions. People send flowers to India online to convey their love towards their near and dear ones. But each flower has its own significance and meaning. Be careful while selecting flowers for near and dear ones. Today let’s know about which emotion can be express better with which flowers.


Conveying the feelings of love towards near and dear ones make the bond of love stronger with them. It is necessary to showcase inner feelings in front of special ones so that they can understand how much love and respect is held by others for them. This gesture would surely make them happy. For conveying that deep love towards special ones Red flowers and other flowers are best. Flowers always express inner emotions with ease when words are failed. People who stay in Pune or any other part of India, they can send online flowers to Pune and other places wherever their loved ones stay to make them feel loved.


  1. Sympathy and care

For the very sensitive emotions such as sympathy and care, white roses, lilies, chrysanthemum, gladiolus and others would be the best flowers. These flowers convey the deep sympathy of giver towards the recipient. These flowers are the personification of strength, sympathy and care.


  1. Love and admiration

For expression of love and admiration feelings towards the dear ones, there are so many types of flowers you would get in the market. Flowers which are best considered for expressing beautiful emotions of love and admiration are-yellow Asiatic lilies, pink lilies, pink roses, carnations and others. 


All these kinds of flowers can be given on occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary and other special occasions. Give a bouquet of all these flowers together would be the perfect gift for the one who holds the special place in the heart.


  1. Romantic emotions

Whenever it’s about to express romantic emotions through the flowers, the one name of the flower that comes on the top are – Red Roses. These roses are best known for expressing immense love and beautiful romantic feelings. Apart from red roses, there are some other flowers which are ideal for expressing romantic feelings of a person. Other flowers are- yellow Daffodil, Gillyflower, orchids, white Lilac, Jasmine and others.


  1. Get well soon

For sending get well soon message for near and dear ones if they are suffering from any illness, then Daisies flower is one of the best flowers. This flower is bright and cheery which make it the ideal choice to be sent to the patient. Peonies flowers are also best because these flowers are perfect for enhancing the beauty in the room of the patient and also provide good fragrance which will lift up the mood of the patient. In addition to this, Hydrangeas, pansies and others are some flowers which would be great to be gifted to the person who is not well.


  1. Best wishes

For sending best wishes on the occasions of wedding, anniversary and birthday, there are some flowers such as orchids, lilies, orange gerberas, red roses, pink roses and others are the perfect best wishes flowers. These flowers are ideal for expressing the inner love of people towards the recipient. Also, this gesture of people would melt the heart of near and dear ones. Also, the recipient would understand how much love the giver hold in heart for him.


 Send flowers to India from any corner of the world through an online gift portal. Enjoy the life with fullest because life is one-time token, it should be used well. Make every day better than before and spread love and happiness all around. People should be just like the flowers which spread love and happiness. Whenever anyone looks at the flowers, an automatic smile comes on the face of a person because of the beauty of flowers.


A person should be just like flowers- when people talk and see to him/her, overwhelming emotions come to people face.

7 Offbeat Cakes to Give Sisters a Sweet Treat On Birthdays

Every brother treats their sisters like a small baby who needs pampering at every step. This eternal bond, that a brother and sister shares can never be broken. But when distance comes in between, some extra efforts are needed to maintain the glory of this relationship. If the sister is living in Delhi, then also brothers can send cake to Delhi to celebrate her birthday. There are many online portals that do Cake Deliver in Delhi. One can choose to send cakes through these portals to give a cute surprise to sister.


A sister is someone on whom every brother can rely on for every little thing. She is the one who can be a guide, a mother, and a companion at every stage of the brother’s life. She is the one on whom a brother can trust and can open up for every single problem from which one is going through. Even when brothers need a late night coffee, then too they call out for the sisters.


Brothers do not leave any chance to spoil their sisters and make her feel special on every occasion. Brothers always try to fulfill all the spoken as well as unspoken demands of the sister fulfilled. Brothers will leave no stone unturned to make their sisters feel proud of them.


For such adorable brothers, who want to celebrate their sister’s birthday in a proper way, here are some delicious cakes mentioned-below. These cakes are perfect to order for birthday parties. Go and grab the personal favorite cake and make sisters go wow.


  1. Photo Cake

Photo cakes are the one which has a photograph of the person to whom the cake is dedicated. If anyone wants to give his sister a cake that has a photo of her with some sweet quotation, then one can go for the option of this customized photo cake.


  1. Cupcake

Cupcakes are the smaller version of cakes that are perfect to satisfy the craving of anyone of having a cake. Brothers can go for the option of giving the sisters a box full of cupcakes of different flavors.


  1. Heart-shaped Cake

These heart-shaped cakes are perfect to melt any female’s heart. Sisters too will fall in love with this cake. These cakes can be customized and made in any shape and size like a circle or square.


  1. Fruit Cake

If the sister loves to eat fruits, then this cake is perfect to give her on the birthday. These cakes have layers which are infused with maple sauce and chocolate syrup and on the top, it has sliced fruits and diced nuts.


  1. Red Velvet Cake

Its vivid color makes it look even more beautiful than it actually is. This pretty cake is perfect to make any girl go wow. Get this beauty for the beautiful sister on the birthday and surprise her with a soft and moist red velvet cake.


  1. Theme Cake

If the sister loves to go shopping, then get her a theme based cake like a cake which has a shopping bag made up of cream on the top of the cake and surprise the sister on the birthday. These cakes are basically customized cakes which are prepared according to the customer’s demand.


  1. Sugar-free Cake

This cake is perfect for a diet conscious sister who cannot have much sugar. Add the toppings according to the taste of sister and give her a cake that can make the sister go wow and the best part is that sister can have it all and will not gain any weight.


So, with these mind-blowing cake ideas, go and make sisters happy and make her feel out of the world on her birthday. Brothers can also add a special surprise gift with the cake. There are many online gift portals that can Send Gifts to India if the sister is living in India and brother is in some other country.

10 Popular Rakhi Gifts for Techno-Savvy Brothers

As everyone is aware of the coming festival i.e., Raksha Bandhan with is the glory of the month of August. Raksha Bandhan is one of the widely celebrated festivals for which every sibling waits eagerly. There are many Rakhi Gift Stores available from which one can choose a perfect gift to give to your brother or to your sister so as to express your love and concern.



When it is about the gifts, everyone is excited but, when it comes to deciding a perfect gift that you can give to your high-tech knowledgeable brother then the mind starts to toggle. Here is a list is given which have many latest tech gifts one can go for to give to your brother in this new era of technology.


  1. A multi-functioned Projector

For an office going brother, you can select this multi-functioned, the latest projector that can give a fantastic view of each slide. Get him a portable one so that he can take it with him to any location.


  1. Cool headphones

For a music lover, you can choose to give your brother the latest wireless headphone that is perfect to go with at any place. This is one of the best tech inventions.


  1. A smartwatch

For a gym-freak brother, you can select a smartwatch that can be an aid for him to control his steps per day, his calories that are burnt and of course the mobile notifications.


  1. Robot vacuum cleaner

You can give your brother a vacuum cleaner so that he can live a hygienic life. This robotic vacuum cleaner is best as it is self-automated and multi-functioned.


  1. A high-tech microphone

You can give your office going brother a high tech microphone which he can use in his office for presentations and many other works. The sound quality of these microphones is best. This will be a useful gift for him.


  1. Play station

If you have a brother who is in deep love with the games then you can choose to give him the latest play station with some latest games that can make not only his day but a whole year.


  1. The latest Drone

You can also choose to give your brother a Drone that can capture the beautiful view of his friend’s marriage and also he can use this drone as the latest tech for showing to his friends and for capturing the best photos.


  1. Smart water bottle

If your brother is either a college-going guy or an office person, you can give him a bottle that has temperature control features which can be used both in summers and in winters.


  1. A digital message box

You can give your brother a digital message box which can be a perfect gift to send your daily wishes up to your brother. This box is controlled by a mobile app that has the feature of sending and playing songs also.


  1. An alarm clock

The alarm clock is an aid for every person may it is youth or an old age person. An alarm clock that has many technical functions which include controlling with your mobile phone is the best to give to your brother on this Raksha Bandhan.


You can make your brother go wow by giving him any of the above-mentioned gift items that can be the best in today’s world of technology. There are many online gift portals available with many other gift options that can be sent on the Raksha Bandhan to make your brother happy. You can also send Lumba Rakhi for your sister-in-law to make your bonding stronger. GiftaLove is of such gift portals that have many gifting options and also many gifts hampers to send on Raksha Bandhan like Rakhi with cards, Rakhi with dry-fruits, or Rakhi with Chocolates to surprise your brother.